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Want to make a difference? Then consider a Educational Technology minor. As a professional, you may be called to design, develop, implement and assess e-learning programs, informational web sites, video conferencing, educational games, and multimedia. You can learn about it through minor in Educational Technology.

Hone your skills designing and developing cutting edge media technology. Some of the skills include:

The minor consists of at least 15 units in Educational Technology from (each course is 3 units):

EDTEC 540, Educational Technology
EDTEC 541, Web-based Multimedia Development
EDTEC 544, Instructional Design

And two electives from:
EDTEC 561, Advanced Web-based Multimedia Development
EDTEC 570, Advanced Teaching with Technologies
EDTEC 572, Technology for Course Delivery
EDTEC 590, Evaluation Techniques for the Performance Technologist

For more information, see the SDSU General Catalog.

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